We are 100% very disappointed with the ECHR’s inhumane decision letter. As they give no proper reason for deeming my application inadmissible allegedly in accordance with Articles 34 and 35 of the Convention. After all the hard work, time, money and going to different Courts, it is extremely distressing especially, knowing that, it is confirmed that “we will never see/speak to our lovely missing son again. Our only hope was with the ECHR but, we may now have to try to plan a funeral without his body.

This is extremely unfair as I am still within the 6-month qualifying period and I have exhausted all the domestic remedies while, Articles: 5,6 and 8 are clearly being breached here. The Court of Appeal clearly states “No appeal can be made to the Supreme Court”. My Family’s only hope rested on the ECHR and we are gutted as we have NOT seen nor spoken to our son for “four years” and we never will again while, we did him no wrong. This is like he has died at sea but, he is really a victim of ‘Enforced Disappearance’ and is Deprived of his Liberty by the state. They fabricated his capacity to inflict this. I live on anti-depressants. I cannot eat, sleep nor work.  I/We dream him most nights. Families is also barred from seeing this young man.  I have provided all the tangible evidence that the State is preventing contact as well. With the inhumane process used, no vulnerable person stands any chance of living with their Families. It was like, remove them and fabricate their capacity and say “P now has capacity and he does not want to see you”.  The Law Commission has only recently found out that “Thousands of Disabled people are being “Deprived of their Liberty” in care homes etc.” My son is one of them. He used to come home to visit but, they have cruelly stopped him. I wonder if the UK is really a Democratic country and a High Contracting Party who abides by the Convention’s articles. The ECHR role is to “protect individual’s Human Rights”. It seems it has too much applications before it and is sending out these pre-typed letters out to genuine applicants whose applications meets all the admissibility requirements. I thought the ECHR role was to protect people’s Human Rights but, I am wrong. This is disproportionate, deeply distressing and wholly unacceptable


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