Lady Hale Comes To Cowley

Source: Lady Hale Comes To Cowley

I thought that after the bombshell case in 2010 that Stephen was happily living at home with Dad. Anyways, what he enduring is appalling.

Some a dvice please:

I note Mark stating that this process came after Lady Hales’s breaktrough case {Cheshire and Cheshire West} 2016 ruling. Does that give alienated parents whose loved one was stolen and they are being “unalwfully” Deprived of their Liberty?

How does one go about righting this wrong? My son is not able to see/speak to us nor come home. There are no reviews. He cannot speak to anyone apart from his kidnappers. His RPR id his and our enemy and destroyer. If he comes home on his own and I do not inform them “immediately” {so they can do their blanket capacity assessment}, I FACE JAIL.
And if I meet him and bring him home {regardless to what he says to me} without informing them, I FACE JAIL as well {sounds like communism, doesn’t it!}

In the meantime, we did our son NO WRONG. We cannot approach the CoP {aaplcations dismissed immediately}. We are discriminated against and unfairly treated like criminals while they allow an abusive, manipulative female relative to abuse him in all shape and form.

Any suggestions or is it too early {Government’s approval on Liberty Protection Safeguards}


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